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VisualSP improves the odds your pivot to running your business remotely succeeds

By Michael Blonder
Updated April 17, 2020

VisualSP helps your pivot to running your business remotely succeeds

If you employ 50 or more people and your business is located in one of the pandemic hotspots in the United States, you have two choices: either you pivot operations to your employees working from home, or you shut down. 

There is no middle ground. Governments for most of the pandemic hotspots have ordered businesses like yours to shut the brick and mortar door. 

In order to keep going you need a web platform like Microsoft 365 or Google Apps for Business. This web platform provides your employees with the office automation solution they need to continue working from home. You can use VisualSP for Remote Workers to publish announcements directly within the context of your web platform as the following video illustrates.

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But it is a very different experience using the web application you choose in the brick and mortar office and, then, using it from home. Employees will no longer be able to use your office intercom to request help from your designated IT support person. Neither will you be able to use the same office intercom to announce important news everyone on your team needs to hear. People collaborating on deals or other business projects will no longer be able to just pull up chairs and discuss next steps. Everything has radically changed. 

Swallowing the drop in productivity related to a radical change like a pivot to remote work becomes a much harder job if your business has dropped off a cliff as a result of the pandemic. Can you afford to patiently wait for personnel to become familiar with how to use messaging tools like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack? How will they reach your IT person when they are working from home? Can you use email or a group telephone call to inform everyone on the team of some news you simply have to get through to them? How do they learn how teams can edit the same documents in the web platform you chose to rely upon for this pivot?

Enter a limited time free offer from VisualSP. We are on your side. VisualSP is a market-leading in-context help system. Right now you can add VisualSP at no cost to provide employees with the information they need (tech help, documents, feature guides, you name it) directly where they need it. They get this information directly within your web platform.

If your web platform choice is Microsoft 365 (Office 365), VisualSP includes Microsoft Learning Pathways, a complete set of tech help on all of the popular features of this web platform. The in-context feature of VisualSP means the tech help appears in groups specific to the 365 feature an employee is using – Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook Web Access, Planner, whatever. 

You can publish the announcements you need people to be aware of as messages they can’t miss. They show up in boxes in the center of the computer screens (so-called splash screens) employees are using when they work from home. You can stop worrying about whether they got the message or not. You can even use the analytics included with VisualSP to make sure specific people got the important messages you wanted them to receive.


Keeping morale as high as possible is a mission-critical job if your transition to running your business with personnel working remotely is going to be successful. You can use VisualSP’s Auto Show on Load feature to publish inspirational tips daily, without the need of someone to manually produce this information and to publish it. When you add a message and set it up for Auto Show on Load you are taking the step to publish it at a later time automatically, no human intervention required.



Our limited time free offer is our contribution to your effort to keep your business going. Please take us up on it. We want your business to make it through the pandemic. 

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