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VisualSP for Salesforce - Contextual support for Salesforce users

By Asif Rehmani
Updated December 4, 2020

When a salesperson is working on a deal in Salesforce, he shouldn't have to think about how to use Salesforce.... should he?

Provide context sensitive help to Salesforce users directly on top of the Salesforce user interface.

Salesforce is a really powerful tool. However, users constantly struggle using Salesforce to do their job. Whether it's creating a new contact, finding an existing opportunity or something a lot more complex such as looking for a specific product in the product catalog. You want your users to understand exactly how to use Salesforce not just generically but specific to how you need them to use it within your company.

The solution is to provide support at the moment of need on top of Salesforce through the concept of contextual microlearning. I describe exactly what that looks like in the video below.

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