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VisualSP for Salesforce - Contextual Support for Users

By Asif Rehmani
Updated January 4, 2024
VisualSP for Salesforce

Getting users to master Salesforce is no walk in the park. With a diverse range of skill levels and the intricacies of complex configurations, it can be quite a challenge. That's why using VisualSP for Salesforce adoption is a great choice. It simplifies the Salesforce learning process by offering contextual support, making Salesforce a user-friendly experience, even with intricate configurations.

Benefits of Using VisualSP for Your Salesforce Adoption Strategy

  • Reduced Need for External Help: VisualSP supports users by directly addressing frequently asked questions within Salesforce. This gives them quick access to the answers to their questions and minimizes the need for additional support.
  • Streamlined Training: VisualSP's help items provide your users with in-context training and support, leading to quicker adoption for new users.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Productivity: VisualSP improves the user experience by providing context-sensitive support, encouraging more consistent and efficient use of Salesforce.

How Does VisualSP Work for Salesforce?

VisualSP integrates directly with the Salesforce interface, providing users with immediate, in-context support. It gives users access to a variety of help items such as interactive walkthroughs, step-by-step guides, articles, and more. These in-context help items make learning and working more efficient without getting in the way.

Here are some of the ways that VisualSP can boost your team's productivity:

Interactive Walkthroughs

These guides assist users in navigating Salesforce's complex environment, enhancing learning and data entry processes.


For example, a new user can use VisualSP's interactive walkthroughs to learn how to create a new customer contact. The walkthrough guides them through each step, from selecting the "New Contact" option to correctly filling out and saving the contact form, ensuring a smooth and informative learning experience.

Quick Access to Articles and Videos

With VisualSP, Salesforce team members have access to articles and video tutorials, directly within the user interface. For example, if a member of the sales team is struggling with generating a report, they can quickly find relevant articles or watch a short tutorial without leaving the platform. This immediate access to resources provides on-the-spot learning, enhancing understanding and skill development within the platform.

Customizable Content

In-App Communication

VisualSP's in-app messaging provides a direct channel for important information and updates, reducing email overload. For example, when introducing a new sales process, administrators can instantly notify and guide users through in-app messages.

In-app Messaging

This helps them get the information that they need (in the context they are working in) without disrupting their workflow.

Alerts & Notifications

Quick Help Icons

VisualSP enhances Salesforce with help icons, offering quick explanations for data entry fields. For instance, when a user is adding a new contact and encounters a field like "Account Name," a help icon next to it provides a pop-up explanation, clarifying that the field requires the associated company's name. This direct, in-context guidance ensures accurate and efficient data entry, significantly easing the process for users.

Context-sensitive Support

Adoption & Compliance Tracking

VisualSP works with Microsoft Clarity to show you how your team uses Salesforce. It uses heatmaps and session recordings to spot where users might be having trouble or not using certain features.

For instance, heatmaps will reveal features that customer service users aren't using much. Watching recorded sessions can also show you where users struggle, helping you figure out where more training is needed. This helps you make sure everyone is using the platform the right way and finds areas to improve.

Compliance Issue Tracking

Consistent Help Across All Enterprise Web Applications

VisualSP stands out for its ability to provide consistent support across any enterprise web application, not just Salesforce.

This means that the familiar help icon seen in Salesforce can be the same go-to resource for support in other applications. This consistency is key for users who navigate multiple platforms in their workflow.

For example, a user accustomed to accessing help through VisualSP in Salesforce will find the same ease and familiarity when seeking support in other web applications.

This simplifies the learning curve, as users don't have to adjust to different support systems for each application. It provides them with a single, reliable help source regardless of which platform they are using.

VisualSP is a no-brainer option for Azure cloud users because it's the only DAP created by Microsoft experts. It comes with a library of pre-built Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 content, saving you from starting from scratch.

Custom Training Content Creation (and Shortcuts)

VisualSP allows you to create custom training content specific to your team's needs in Salesforce and other applications. This means you can make guides or tutorials that fit exactly how your team works.

If you're short on time, you can also link to pre-built content on other websites (for example, the Salesforce Help page) and it will appear within Salesforce. Or, for an even easier way to create content, use VisualSP's "Draft with AI" tool. It helps you quickly put together clear and helpful training materials, making the process simple and efficient.

VisualSP Draft with AI

Quick to Implement and Easy to Use

VisualSP for Salesforce is quick to set up, thanks to our "Quick Start Guide." This guide helps you get VisualSP running in about two weeks. This is much faster compared to other tools that often take months.

VisualSP is also easy to use, so your team can start using it right away without needing a lot of training. This makes VisualSP a convenient option for any business looking to improve their use of Salesforce quickly and easily.


Integrating VisualSP into your Salesforce implementation strategy goes beyond mere technical support; it's about empowering your team with the necessary tools and knowledge. VisualSP ensures that users receive relevant, real-time assistance, maximizing the efficiency and success of Salesforce adoption in your organization.

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