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VisualSP can help teams maintain boundaries while working remotely

By Michael Blonder
Updated April 5, 2020

In their story for Harvard Business Review "3 Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout", Laura M. Giurge & Vanessa K. Bohns note:

"Our research has shown that workers often unintentionally make it hard for their supervisors, colleagues, and employees to maintain boundaries. One way they do so is by sending work emails outside office hours."

(you can read the full text of their story online). 

Most team leaders won't want this kind of work "spill over" to happen if it can be avoided. But how to gracefully remind members of your team of the need to respect each other's time off?

Rather than sending personnel to read this story online, you can provide an on-screen digital nudge when a remote worker selects your org’s email tool on a weekend day, or a holiday. This digital nudge can ask them to confirm they really need to send an email on one of these days

Here’s an example:

“Are you planning on sending an email message on a day off to a member of our team? Do you really need to do this? Please keep in mind sending after-hours work emails make receivers feel they need to respond right away, even when such emails are not urgent. Everyone needs some time off. Let’s respect the calendar.  Please click the “I’ve read this message” to proceed”

VisualSP’s digital adoption platform can be used to add a digital nudge like the one above when someone wants to use email on a day off. Please visit Show Alerts and Announcements to Users use case on our web site to learn more.

Just think of how you will help your team keep down unnecessary friction during this very stressful time by providing them with helpful reminders directly within their digital work experience. 

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