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Video Tutorials on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

By Asif Rehmani
Updated September 15, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is such a versatile environment. It's a wonderful solution for medium to large enterprises for their customer relationship management efforts. A bunch of our customers have migrated to Dynamics from other CRM systems.

So we thought why not provide some Dynamics 365 Sales fundamentals videos for those of you who are new to Dynamics 365 Sales or are thinking about going there. Feel free to use these videos for yourself, pass them on to a colleague or point to them from your Dynamics environment. Of course, your Dynamics environment might look a bit different since it's super customizable, but the fundamentals remain the same. Hope they help. Feedback welcomed.

By the way, these same videos, in addition to a lot of other contextual learning content such as walkthroughs, tip sheets, etc, are available to our customers of VisualSP for Dynamics 365. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

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