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Use VisualSP’s Digital Adoption Platform to Address Four of Gartner’s Top Ten Strategy Priorities in 2020

By Michael Blonder
Updated February 8, 2024


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In a free download titled "Strategy priorities in 2020" Gartner reports on the findings of a survey of technology executives. Four of the ten most popular finding


  1. Insufficient digital capabilities (e.g. skillsets, technology access)
  2. Expected benefits from digital transformation efforts not materializing
  3. Change fatigue causing disengagement with corporate strategy
  4. Stalled digital initiatives preventing the organization's digital transformation

can be addressed with VisualSP's digital adoption tool.

This is not to say the problems will definitely be corrected with the use of our tool, but, without a doubt our tool can be used to work on them.

"Insufficient digital capabilities"

When our customers choose to purchase our Premium Launch Assistance Plan, or our User Adoption as a Service Plan along with an annual subscription to VisualSP, they can use the services included in either plan to produce custom, personnel-friendly micro-training content - meaning the "bite-sized" variety. Countless studies from a variety of authoritative sources (for example PwC and Deloitte) have identified "bite-sized" help content as an ideal type for quick consumption by digital platform users.


This micro-training content is then published directly within the digital user experience where personnel can easily consume it. Since two media types - video and rich HTML cards - can be easily consumed, repeatedly, as required, the odds of successfully improving "digital capabilities" of personnel should improve.

The task of publishing this content within the UX is handled by the VisualSP solution . The editor provides an easy to use method of "filing" content either by application within the platform (this works especially well with Microsoft Office 365), or within scopes (for example, Microsoft SharePoint, either on-premises or online).

Where the digital capability amounts to building and using no-code workflows, the VisualSP combination can be particularly effective as a method of improving return on investment. Interested readers should take a look at our white paper on the topic: "How Do You Improve Digital Adoption With Micro-Training?"

"Expected benefits from digital transformation not materializing"

It's difficult to prod an organization into a different method of requesting, for example, technical help, without "showing them the way". Nevertheless, if the organization doesn't use the new method, then the benefit will "not materialize". But for large organizations comprised of many thousands of personnel it's a costly process to schedule a quick meeting with someone from the support team to introduce specific individuals to the new support ticketing (or alerting) process.

How much better, and more economical, an experience it is to, instead, produce an on-screen user guide (what VisualSP calls a "walkthrough") any person within the organization can play, as required, to master the new steps required to request tech help?

The same applies where the organization suffers from "information overload". Often the transformation step taken to correct inattentiveness to important news of policies, etc, is to build a complex intranet site, with the features required to provide personnel with the definitive information they require to successfully do their jobs.

But complexity often goes hand-in-hand with a counter intuitive structure. With a powerful "Swiss army knife" of an intranet available to them, if personnel fail to understand the structure and stumble around then the benefits of the transformation step will not materialize.

Once again, on-screen user guides can be used, with valuable effect, to provide a virtual "one to one" intranet tour for people without the requirement of a meeting with someone from the support team, thereby saving precious resources while delivering benefits.

More information about VisualSP's walkthroughs can be found in our white paper: "Interactive Guidance Using Walkthroughs"

"Change fatigue causing disengagement with corporate strategy"

Personnel working at large organizations for any meaningful time over the last ten years have been subjected to any number of enterprise-wide attempts to change manual processes for digital ones. It's understandable anyone but a citizen developer (tech champion) would be tired out by these changes. So it is important to provide personnel with rewards for using targeted digital tools. It's also essential to inspire and empower them.

Most organizations include a group of tech champions. Gartner's "citizen developers" fall into this class of workers. What's great about having a group of tech champions is they are usually enthusiastic about the digital experience. So it make sense to ask them for their best recommendations based on their success using the new digital tools. These recommendations can be reduced to pithy "tips". VisualSP's services team is a big user of tips campaigns. We are proud of the positive results our customers have achieved from them, particularly on the topic of raising the level of positive enthusiasm for the digital experience.

"Stalled digital initiatives preventing the organization's digital transformation"

Just when did you and the other stakeholders at your organization in the digital transformation effort become aware the pace of your "digital initiatives" had "stalled"? We have worked with many of these groups over the eight years VisualSP's digital adoption platform has been available. A surprisingly significant portion of these groups haven't paid attention to analytics until, literally, it's too late to remedy. Analytics on how personnel are engaging with VisualSP can correlate, closely, with how they are engaging (or not engaging) with the digital platforms our adoption platform is supporting.

VisualSP includes a comprehensive set of analytics on usage. The set can be used to itemize engagement with important alerts (for heavily regulated organizations, an example of an important alert is a warning message users receive about an organization's policy on the topic of personal data) for specific individuals within the organization.

Stakeholders in digital transformation should be "all over" analytics and, thereby, aware of initiatives as they "stall". Since the analytics can be used to identify reasons why initiatives stall, VisualSP can be used to correct the initiatives and get them back running once again. Our whitepaper "How Digital Workplaces Can Ensure Regulatory Compliance" discusses the alerts mentioned in this section and how analytics fits in.

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