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Use Case - Onboard users to new interfaces

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023

Business need:

When users visit new web interfaces, it's easy for them to get confused especially if there is a lot going on in those interfaces. We want to be able to provide automatic context sensitive guidance about those interfaces to the users so they are not confused. This information needs to be provided in the user's own workspace so they don't have to navigate somewhere else to get that information.



This example below shows how a user is made aware of the new OneDrive interface that they have just been given access to. They are shown an annotated screenshot of the new OneDrive interface (included in the VisualSP package) when they first visit their own OneDrive workspace. This screenshot points out all of the new interface components to ramp up the end user. The user can print out this screenshot or pop it out to another screen for reference as they work. They can also bring up this screenshot on-demand by clicking on the VisualSP tab anytime they want and need assistance in the future.


Figure: Annotated screenshot of the OneDrive interface

This screenshot or the entire help item can be modified easily by the administrator to provide company specific information that's relevant to their users.

Download VisualSP help item  (right click to save the file then import directly into VisualSP)

Download OneDrive quick reference screenshot

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Video: Onboarding users by showing them help in-context. Also shows how it's all setup



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