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The Success Stories of Contextual Microlearning

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023

Last week I talked about the difference between Macrolearning vs Microlearning vs Contextual Microlearning.

The big question I want to answer this week is:

Does this contextual microlearning stuff really work in reality?

That's a very valid question.

Since I have a front row seat to seeing contextual microlearning in action day in, day out, let me share a couple of stories with you.

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB)

VHB was rolling out Dynamics 365 CRM to their 1,400 users and knew that it was going to completely change the way their firm operated on a day to day basis. The product manager, Carissa, was in charge of this CRM rollout. She knew that it was going to be super important that they provide training and support directly within the product otherwise they were not going to get the Dynamics 365 platform adoption they wanted.

They rolled out VisualSP for Dynamics 365 to provide contextual support to their employees as an overlay directly on top of Dynamics 365 sales. This way the relevant information found the users instead of the users having to search for it themselves.

An informational tooltip specific to customer processes

The results in Carissa's own words:

"We rarely get support questions anymore"

“Prior to using the tool . . . we as the product manager found we were repeating the same things over and over,” she said. “Now, we’ve also used the tool to help drive walkthroughs in Dynamics. And I believe that this is one of the best features of the in-context tool.”

Culver City

Anissa at Culver City is in charge of supporting 720 employees. She needed a smart way to get the right content to the right users at the right times within their SharePoint and Office 365 applications.

One of the use cases that Anissa utilizes VisualSP for is to increase attendance in her regular internal webinars and "lunch and learn" sessions. After starting to push info contextually through VisualSP, the attendance to her events went up 10x.

An automatic pop-up announcing an upcoming meeting

The results in Anissa's own words:

"I was blown away with the results I saw"

“The value of having one [support platform] product for use with multiple applications And that is fully customizable was a no-brainer"


There are many more stories like the ones above. All have experienced the power of contextual microlearning to increase user adoption while reducing support tickets for their enterprise web applications.

As they say, data doesn't lie. We make the VisualSP analytics as transparent as possible for our customers so they can continuously measure ROI for themselves.

Metrics that matter - VisualSP analytics showing ROI for a customer

We're on a mission to prove that this contextual microlearning stuff really works!

If you want to see examples for yourself, schedule a private demo for your team and we will show you the types of solutions we have been building for our customers and the benefits they are getting from them.

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