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The change in training methods throughout the years

By Asif Rehmani
Updated February 5, 2020

In today's digital age, our workplace has fundamentally changed. We use dozens of digital tools and this presents new challenges. It's forcing HR and Training managers to rethink the whole employee training methodology.

The way we work has been changing and the way we train our employees must change too.

Unfortunately, enterprise training is still rooted in traditional methods of training to truly understand the challenges facing this industry.

The current training methods have their roots in the industrial revolution.  Factories needed a way to train factory workers easily and cheaply. Classroom learning became the training method of choice for these factory workers. Simple instructions and learning worked! But then machines became more complex. Employees started to struggle to remember and apply the lessons they learned in the classroom. 

Employers finally realized traditional training wasn't as efficient as it might appear so they began providing employees with self-study materials. Great!  But they still couldn't afford to completely remove the teacher from the equation.  Someone had to prepare the materials and deal with the processes.

Then with the birth of machine based learning in 1954, it enabled students to learn at their own pace, test themselves and receive instant feedback.

Computers started becoming common in the workplace so the natural next step for employee training was

computer-based learning and later video based training that allowed employees to self learn from the comfort of their own desks. That's exactly what we at VisualSP have been doing since 2005.

The key to successful training is focusing on context and not just content. Eliminate the gap between theoretical training and practical use and create instant feedback and smart guidance using a combination of video, walkthroughs, and quick reference notes so employees can easily learn to be successful at anything!

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