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Onboarding Employees using a Scavenger Hunt

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023

We get together on a monthly basis with some of our VisualSP customers for a customer roundtable to talk through concepts and ideas that have been working well for them.

This month we held the meeting with one of our customers, Jessica Sellers of DMG, who is a professional instructional designer and a Really creative person all around.

DMG has been growing very quickly and onboarding new people at a fast pace. They use a scavenger hunt concept to onboard their people whether they are in-person at the office or remote.

Below is the part of the recording where Jessica talks about and shows the DMG scavenger hunt idea they use to onboard their employees using the DMG Help system (powered by the VisualSP platform). The idea is that new employees are provided questions that they have to find answers to using the DMG's VIsualSP support & training platform.

Jessica from DMG discussing the onboarding scavenger hunt

The new employees are taken along the journey to self explore by learning to access outlook, setting up their email signatures, exploring the basic systems they will be using in the company, etc.

I think it's a Very creative and an awesome idea by Jessica and her team. I'm sure you'll find this novel idea to be as thought provoking as I did.

Feel free to watch the other parts of the recording as well where Jessica and our VisualSP team talk about other concepts such as orientation versus onboarding and the differences between pre-boarding, onboarding and cross-boarding.

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