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Microsoft 365 Conference in April (in Vegas)

By Asif Rehmani
Updated February 23, 2022

I spoke at only a handful of in-person conferences in 2021 as opposed to about a dozen in 2019 before the pandemic began. And virtual conferences just don't cut it IMO. The virtual experience for a full blown conference is not even remotely the same (pun intended ). So I'm Really glad to see that many conference organizers are bringing back their in person conferences.

The first conference presentation I ever did was back in November 2006 where I spoke about Excel Services in SharePoint 2007. Seems like forever ago now…

That session I did was for the same conference organizers that are organizing the M365 Conference coming up in April in Las Vegas. This is by far the largest Microsoft 365 North American event that is not solely owned by Microsoft.

This time around, there is an added component to this conference. There will be a Dynamics 365 track where we will have 10 sessions and 1 full day workshop. I am serving as the content lead for this track where I have selected the top Dynamics 365 speakers in the industry to come and present along with me on various Dynamics 365 topics.

The goal of this track is to introduce the Microsoft 365 audience to the world of Dynamics 365 and how it's all coming together under one umbrella.

Due to my own involvement at this conference in addition to our company being a sponsor, I have been given a special registration code: "DYNA365". If you're planning to come to this conference, use this code to get $100 off the price tag.

I look forward to seeing you in April in Las Vegas!

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