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I don’t consider myself tech savvy, can I still create announcements with VisualSP?

By Michael Blonder
Updated May 6, 2020

If your business is like most others today, your employees are working from home, but you still need to inform them of company news, events, and more. Is there a way you can communicate this important information to them with VisualSP without becoming a programmer?

There certainly is. As the short video, below, demonstrates, as long as you, or one of your employees has editor privileges for the VisualSP Help System, it is merely a matter of blocking out a few moments of time and following some simple steps to create a message they won’t be able to miss. 

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Just consider the time savings you will realize by spending 4-5 mins publishing announcements whenever you need to vs the old way of spending, perhaps the same 4-5 mins putting together an email message no one reads because it ends up buried in their inbox. The old way meant blocking out a half hour or more to create the email message and then either message staff via Microsoft Teams or Slack, or, worse yet, make telephone calls to get their attention and wait while they checked their inboxes for your important message. 

If you publish 2-3 important announcements a day, using the new, VisualSP way of informing personnel directly within their web platform (in our example we are using Microsoft 365, but the same techniques will work with any other web platform) you can save upwards to 1 hr 15mins per day vs the old way of doing it. Not bad! Keep it up

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