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How to View Training Content from Microsoft within Your Office 365 Workspace In-context

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023


image Microsoft Learning Pathways and VisualSP

To provide training to Office 365 users, Microsoft has built a great training site: Microsoft Learning Pathways. It's free to use.

This means that you don't have to produce your own content; just give your workforce access to the already-done-for-you and regularly updated quality articles, tip-sheets, and videos.

But there is one problem …

In order to view a training item, a user has to navigate away from their Office 365 workspace to the training site and do a search.

In one of my previous articles , I explain how the extra step of having to search for content is actually a barrier to digital adoption.

Here is usually what happens. When a user needs guidance at the time of completing a task using SharePoint, Excel, or OneDrive, for example, they have to complete the following steps, every time.

  • Stop the work in progress and navigate from the application workspace to the training site.
  • Search for an article or video. If they don't know the right keyword, they may have to repeat the search several times. Sometimes they don't find the help they need.
  • Scan through the search results to find the needed content.
  • Read the help article or watch the video.
  • Return to the Office 365 workspace and continue with the task at hand.

The problem with going through all these steps repeatedly every time guidance is needed is that users find the task tedious. And, when they can't find the help that they need first time, they find the task frustrating. When frustrating episodes happen several times, users quickly associate using Office 365 applications with hard work.

This is how digital adoption stagnates and ultimately fails.

To help employees use Office 365 applications without friction and without frustration, bring guidance items directly into their respective features, windows, and pages of the applications. This way, a user doesn't have to search for help.

Below are the simple steps to follow.

Install it today and use it today

As a plug-and-play browser plugin, VisualSP is a contextual help system, a digital adoption platform that overlays help tip-sheets, screen-capture videos, and walkthroughs over features, pages, and windows of software applications and web services. VisualSP provides guidance to digital tools users exactly at the moment of need.

With help articles and videos from Microsoft Learning Pathways training site placed on their respective features, pages, and windows, users can view the content right within Office 365 environment as they work, without having to go to the training site and doing time-consuming searches. It only takes one click to view a training piece of content and continue with the task at hand.

It is actually very simple to get started with VisualSP for Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. And it's free.

  • Google search "visualsp plugin" or go to
  • Click the button "Install Now" to install VisualSP as an extension. It is ready to be used.
  • Open your favorite Office 365 application, Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, etc.
  • On your open screen, you will see a VisualSP tab. Click on it and you will see tip-sheets and videos ready to show you how to use the feature you are looking at. VisualSP detects where you are and delivers the exact tutorial that you need, no need to search for help. Just view the help content and immediately continue with your work. If you need to, you can search for a help item right within the VisualSP search box. You will notice that the content is pulled from Microsoft Learning Pathways.
  • If you have any question or would like to provide feedback, contact VisualSP support team.

Immediately after installation, VisualSP is ready to be used, no need for registration, no need for configurations. It just works, simple.

Improve user experience and drive digital adoption

VisualSP has been partnering with Microsoft for many years now.

As soon as their training site gets more and updated tip-sheets, articles, and videos, VisualSP picks them up and contextually delivers them to Office 365 applications users. Content updates are done every week.

Content on the training site is free; the VisualSP plugin is free. Take advantage of this intelligent solution and ensure that people in your company always get on-screen guidance every time they need help.

Just google search "VisualSP plugin" and you will see the install page.

With time, more people will use Office 365, productivity will increase, and collaboration will expand, helping your company make good return on technological investment.

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