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How to sum up VisualSP in 5 words? “Contextual Microlearning for End Users”

By Michael Blonder
Updated July 6, 2020

The VisualSP help system provides contextual microlearning for end users. What does this mean?

Translation: contextual microlearning is a method of transferring knowledge directly at the point where the person on the receiving of the transfer needs it most. This point pops up directly within the context of performing a task.

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For people performing tasks with computers, we are speaking of the computer screen and the point in using computer software where something needs to be done. Either a button needs to be clicked, or a form needs to be completed. The person in our example may need help deciding what to do to successfully complete the task. Our contextual microlearning for end users system provides her/him with an opportunity to find out what to do precisely when they need to take an action like clicking a button or completing a form.

To qualify as genuine microlearning, the content must be “bite sized”, meaning just enough information for our person to understand precisely what needs to be done to successfully complete the task. Our typical user, meaning a software end user in an office setting, rarely if ever has the time to read a long article on a search to find just the correct mouse click to complete the task. Too much information spoils the experience. The best way to package the needed information in microlearning form is to either communicate the required procedures in short help videos, or on multi-media reference cards. Walkthroughs can also do the job as long as they are kept to just as many steps as are required to communicate the correct procedure.

For objective driven organizations contextual microlearning for end users is the best option. Training management at these organizations can choose to use VisualSP instead of traditional corporate learning systems, or to support them with performance support. The microlearning content can be customized as training leaders require. The VisualSP contextual system can then be used to provide end users with the customized content wherever they need it across any web platforms the organization may have deployed. Benefits can be expected in the form of a reduction in training costs, fewer support requests, higher levels of end user enthusiasm for web platform computing, or more productivity.

If end users are more enthusiastic about web platform computing additional benefits from digital transformation projects can be realized.

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