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How to Get Microsoft Clarity to Work on Dynamics 365

By Tara Porter
Updated April 25, 2024
How to get Microsoft Clarity to work on Dynamics 365

Making important user experience and training decisions for Dynamics 365 without Microsoft Clarity is like playing darts blindfolded. The problem is, there's no way to activate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics 365....or is there? In this article, we share our favorite workaround for getting Microsoft Clarity to work on Dynamics 365.

Understanding user behavior within Dynamics 365 is vital for optimizing performance and enhancing user experience. Microsoft Clarity is a user analytics tool that shows you how users interact with Dynamics 365. This helps you improve the user experience and training resources to boost productivity and satisfaction.

Why Integrate Microsoft Clarity with Dynamics 365?

Identify Usage Patterns: Learn which features are used the most and which ones are underused.

Navigate Challenges: Spot navigation challenges and areas where users may struggle to find what they need.

Measure Training Impact: Gauge the effectiveness of training initiatives by analyzing user interactions before and after training.

Pinpoint Errors: Isolate and recreate JavaScript errors and identify user errors for targeted improvement.

Enhance User Experience: Improve user experience by simplifying navigation and optimizing form layouts based on Clarity insights.

How to Integrate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics 365

To activate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics 365, you typically embed a code into the HTML. However, Dynamics 365 doesn't support this yet. Our solution? You can activate Clarity through the free Ask Vic extension by VisualSP.

Ask Vic is a Digital Adoption Platform that provides in-context support via walkthroughs, inline help, banners, videos, and more. With Ask Vic already integrated into Dynamics 365, activating Clarity is simple. Just sign up for a free VisualSP account, and we'll set up a Clarity project for you with recommended security settings.

Here Are the Steps to Follow:

  1. Create a free VisualSP account. Within 48 hours, we will create a Clarity project for you. We will configure security settings and provide access to the dashboard. We will also connect your project to VisualSP.
  2. Have users download the Ask Vic extension: When you create a VisualSP account, you'll be given info on downloading the Ask Vic extension. This will then start collecting user behavior data. You can also use other features of Ask Vic, such as banners for important announcements or in-app walkthroughs to clarify complex processes.
  3. View data in the Clarity dashboard. You'll then have access to a wide range of data, from heat maps to session recordings. Our team of experts also offers some guidance on what to look for to help you boost user adoption in Dynamics.

Check out this free "Getting Started with Microsoft Clarity Checklist" for more info.


VisualSP's free browser extension, Ask Vic, makes it easy to activate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics 365. By leveraging this integration, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior within Dynamics 365, leading to more informed decisions regarding user experience and support.

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