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Avoid Losing Important Documents When A Colleague Leaves the Team

By Tyler Nicholls
Updated October 15, 2023

If you've ever had someone leave your organization without sharing their team documents with the rest of the group, you know the headache that follows. Let's dive into three possible scenarios.


Scenario 1: Your colleague saved their documents to a private location, like a personal computer

If your colleague saved their documents to a company owned device, and you need access to those files again, you can reach out to IT to see if they can unlock the device for you. The process can be long and you'll likely need to search your colleague's entire computer or device to find anything useful. This scenario is incredibly time-consuming at best, and If your colleague saved their files on a personal device, you're team will just have to make due without them.

Scenario 2: Your colleague saved their documents to their work OneDrive account

This bit of foresight on the side of your colleague luckily means that you won't need to play spy and break into your colleague's old work computer. By reaching out to IT, you can fairly easily access these files, but while OneDrive makes accessing the files easier, you'll ultimately still need to dig through all your colleague's old documents to try and find anything valuable for your team. This scenario is also unfortunately pretty time-consuming.

Scenario 3: Your colleague saved their documents to SharePoint

Unlike OneDrive or a personal device, SharePoint shares its documents by default, so by saving there your colleague made all of their documents easily accessible to your team, even without the help of IT. That choice also made finding their valuable documents easier. SharePoint encourages users to save documents to established folders with an agreed upon organizational structure, thus making it easier for your team to find what is most important, without the digging.

Given each of these scenarios, it is clear to see which is the real winner. Saving team documents to a team SharePoint site will always be the optimal save location as it allows documents to stay organized and stay with the team, regardless of who comes and goes from your team. With all the different places that users could save their documents though, how do you make sure that every user saves their team documents to SharePoint from the beginning?

Enter VisualSP, a tool that can help your users save documents to the right place every time

VisualSP is a browser overlay tool that provides help within the flow of work. With just a few simple clicks in its convenient interface you can help users save their documents to the right location every time by creating an automated banner. These banners can appear, for example, each time a user opens OneDrive, reminding them to save their documents to SharePoint instead of a private location. No need to spam users with emails or nag them at their desks, VisualSP will reach out to them in the moment they need the reminder most, effectively saving you from any headache whenever a colleague leaves the team.

Ready to jump in and create an announcement banner for your organization? Simply download our JSON file here and upload it within the VisualSP Help panel.

To upload, simply open the VisualSP interface, and click on "Add Help Item"

NEW Add Help Item Button

 Then click "Import Help Item" found on the left side of that window. 

Import Help Item

Once you've uploaded the JSON file, you can use the banner we created exactly as is, or you can customize it in any way. For a more step-by-step look at how to import the JSON file, check out our video above.

Not a current VisualSP subscriber and want to leverage it at your organization? You can get started by checking out our website.

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