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How can we use VisualSP to help our staff use custom applications we build in-house?

By Michael Blonder
Updated April 28, 2020

Learn more about VisualSP for custom applications on our VisualSP Anywhere page

VisualSP is available for any web application. By web application we mean any application utilizing a web browser as a client.

 Since web applications built in-house are custom, the content required to help personnel successfully use an application needs to be either created or collected and sorted into the specific contexts within the application where people need it.


The method is the same method powering our help systems for Microsoft 365: VisualSP combines a system to deliver content directly within the computing context and the set of content itself. What’s different is how the content set is put together added to the system, and served up to people using your web application. 

What if we don’t have any training content?

No worries. An annual subscription to VisualSP includes services, twenty hours of consulting time. Our Services team is made up of professionals with deep experience training personnel to successfully use software. The consulting hours can be used to mentor personnel through the process of deciding what procedures require training content, the platform to be used to create the content (think documents, slide sets, videos, images, whatever), how to present the content to personnel to make sure they use it, and, finally, how to measure their engagement with the content once it has been deployed via VisualSP

We have training content, we just don’t know what to do with it

Asif Rehmani, CEO of VisualSP has said context is just as important as content when organizations consider options for training personnel. In other words, if I am an employee, the training content you provide me is more likely to get through if you provide it to me at the right place. This right place is within my experience using software and precisely when I am working with it. If I have to exit the software to learn what you want me to absorb, then please understand I will probably forget a lot of it and will need to refresh whenever I use the feature of the software again. 

The services included with VisualSP can be used to identify the pain points personnel will probably hit as they use the software. Once these pain points are identified our Services team will guide personnel through the process of sorting (think “curating”) the content into bite sized buckets (we call them Groups) to make sure they are not overwhelmed by too much content. We also help your team make sure the content type is easy to be repeated as personnel require. 

What should we include in our custom web applications to use VisualSP?

We need to add some JavaScript to the master page for each of the custom web applications you want to support with VisualSP. Once the JavaScript has been added to your pages we can get going. 


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