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Healthcare Organizations Can Have Stronger Governance by Training SharePoint Users in the Workspace

By Alex Brown
Updated July 24, 2024

Healthcare is one of the most heavily-regulated industries around. Patient privacy is critical. In fact, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act both make it mandatory.

Many healthcare organizations use SharePoint because it provides excellent records management and team collaboration capabilities. But users must clearly understand how to complete their work tasks in order to comply with regulatory and organizational governance.

With the VisualSP Help System for SharePoint, healthcare organizations can have SharePoint training, organization policies, and regulatory guidelines available on demand and in their work environment. Not only can users quickly learn how to complete their tasks, but they can also train on compliance issues and workflow requirements. Users can easily understand where to find this important content without ever having to leave the SharePoint environment to find it.

Among the benefits of the Help System are:

  • Improved data and task governance
  • No need for traditional training, Internet searches, and intranet help pages
  • Task guidance and performance support for the latest SharePoint releases
  • Healthcare workers stay up-to-date and in compliance
  • Managers can easily report on user activity
  • Administrators can upload their own regulatory training content for easy user access

Training Users In The Work Context Helps Maintain Governance

Giving your staff the tools they need to learn in the work context leads to a lower risk of completing tasks incorrectly and falling out of compliance. It also strengthens governance by providing consistent training and performance support protocols.

Furthermore, the VisualSP Help System for SharePoint gives administrators and developers the ability to add and customize training and policy content to meet their specific organizational or regulatory needs. By deploying this content within the SharePoint interface, users can learn faster and smarter. This will help your healthcare organization experience swifter uptake, stronger platform management, and better governance practices.

Healthcare providers and business associates can use our solution to help:

·        Follow clinical & document management protocols·        Provide industry and job-related educational content
·        Distribute policy updates·        Improve internal collaboration
·        Embed patient privacy reminders·        Update team workflow information
·        Manage version control·        Improve content searches
·        Manage directories and assign permissions·        Manage user training (VisualSP Analytics)

Onboarding New Staff

When new staff is onboarded to the organization's intranet, SharePoint training is a part of that process. But traditional training does not always "sink in" for users. Studies reveal that, on average, learners forget 70% of the content they are shown within 24-48 hours of formal training.

Training options such as  Google searches, YouTube viewing, or dedicated help pages require users to leave the workspace or minimize the screen, making the learning process more cumbersome. These tactics insert a learning barrier where users must perform multiple steps while they learn to complete their tasks. This costs time and improves the risk of falling out of compliance.

Contextual training tools – when delivered in the SharePoint environment – reduce the incidence of poor learning outcomes, because SharePoint users actually learn while they work – which has been shown to increase retention substantially.

Keeping Up With SharePoint and Regulatory Updates

SharePoint is constantly changing, which presents additional challenges to regulated industries like healthcare. SharePoint has released three major on-premises updates as well as an online version in the last seven years. Organizations that migrate to the latest version or go "hybrid" risk higher training-related costs, both actual and related, as well as potentially higher compliance exposure. The VisualSP training provided in the Help System stays current as you move to the next version. On the other hand, as regulations change, administrators can quickly add new compliance training content by uploading training materials into the Help System. The latest documentation can be accessed as users are working in SharePoint.

Discover how you can maintain compliance by keeping your staff trained on the latest policies by clicking below.

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