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Get Feedback From Your Users Instantly

By Tyler Nicholls
Updated October 15, 2023


Everyone knows that getting information from a large set of users is hard, but unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that sometimes you may be asked to do it anyway. So if you are called upon to gather survey data quickly from thousands of users at your organization, are you simply destined to fail? Let's face it, all the people you're trying to reach out to are probably extremely busy, so is it even possible to get what you need in a reasonable timeframe?

Why Gathering Feedback Usually Takes Forever

The communication channel that you use to send surveys really matters, but unfortunately email is still the go-to solution for sending out most surveys. With email, surveys are sent to the recipient's inbox and sluggishly remain in inbox limbo until the recipient has a second to open the email. At which point, although they may see that the email wants them to take action, there is no guarantee they'll open the survey right away. The recipient could easily see the survey link and flag it for later, or forget about it altogether.

The fundamental problem here is that because the communication sits for far too long, you will have to wait for far too long to get survey responses. Transparently, most common forms of communication also suffer from this same issue. Even if you were to send your survey link through a new tool, like Microsoft Teams, the link would still sit idly for some period of time before the link was ever seen or clicked on. Which begs the question, what if you could communicate with the users in your organization without your survey link ever sitting?

Use the Right Tool So Survey Links Never Sit

Survey in the Flow of Work

VisualSP is a browser overlay tool that surfaces help and action items within the flow of work, entirely replacing any need for email or any other form of communication when trying to drive training, support, or requests for specific actions like taking a survey. With VisualSP you don't need to send users a link and have it sit in their inbox, instead your survey can appear automatically when users log into their favorite online Microsoft tools. Users can see directly how long the survey is and can take your survey using fewer clicks than ever before, resulting in more completed surveys and more of the information you need, faster.

The best part? Setting up VisualSP to automate this process couldn't be easier. Simply create a survey using Microsoft Forms, then hit share, and click on the icon to copy an embed code...

Get your Embed Code

Then, open the VisualSP panel to add a new help item using the Rich HTML Media Type. To make things even easier, consider using the pre-made Rich HTML template. To finish things up, click the source code button and paste the embed code you got from Microsoft Forms.

Source Code Button

That's it, one simple copy and paste and the entire headache of trying to gather large amounts of feedback quickly is entirely wiped away. With the embed code successfully copied over, you can then specify how frequently you want your survey to appear for users, and then the VisualSP tool will take care of everything from there. Once you experience it, you'll probably never want to send surveys out by email again, and luckily with VisualSP, you'll never have to.

Need More Help Setting Up The Automation?

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