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Digital Adoption Platform as a LMS Lite

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023

Last week I wrote an article about how a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can work together. A DAP can surface the hidden information in LMS that is seldomly sought out by knowledge workers proactively.

However, not every company has an LMS or even want one.

This week, I'll tell you about those companies that have decided to use a digital adoption platform like VisualSP as LMS lite and how they are doing it.



A DAP like VisualSP used as a LMS Lite in Dynamics 365

The main reasons companies deploy learning management systems are to onboard users, prove compliance of employees with necessary courses (especially in highly regulated industries) and provide an ongoing learning mechanism to promote a culture of learning for their employees.

The challenge of course is that taking the learner to the learning, which is trapped in a LMS, has always been a tough ask. Unless the learner is self motivated to take time out from work and dive into deep learning, it just won't happen. That's just a fact.

Dr. Conrad Gottfredson of the 5 moments of need fame had come up with a rule more than a decade ago that you want to get the knowledge worker to what they need within 2 clicks and 10 seconds. I met up with Dr. Gottfredson at a recent event and discussed some of these principles. I'm in complete agreement with his assessment. You want to bring the learning to the learner wherever possible and make it easy for them to consume and act upon the information once they get to it.

Dr. Conrad Gottfredson and Asif at a recent event

So how do you get information / support / learning to your users within 2 clicks and 10 seconds at their moment of need?

Let me give you a very specific example of onboarding users. Onboarding new employees to your company as well as existing employees to new processes has always been a need and will continue to be a necessary use case in the future. The challenge always has been how you provide that onboarding without having to train them 1 on 1 or force them to go take a course in a learning management system.

That's where the beauty of a contextual content delivery platform like VisualSP comes into play.

Watch this video to see a couple of different scenarios. The first one is how a new user is welcomed with the use of a walkthrough that automatically starts up and guides her around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. A second scenario shows how you can expose a whole course to the user contextually without having her leave the work environment. Both are very real scenarios that have been utilized in organizations successfully.

So do you really need a learning management system at your organization...? I think it still has value, but not everyone is going to go that route. For those organizations, using a DAP as a LMS lite will be their best bet for employee success.

Video: Using a DAP as LMS Lite

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