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VisualSP Customer Success Story: West Georgia Technical College

By Asif Rehmani
Updated October 15, 2023

Customer satisfaction has always been a huge priority for us at VisualSP. And the only way to really know how happy our customers are is to talk with them about their personal experiences. We love learning more about how companies are utilizing SharePoint in general, and of course, also find out if and how our solutions, such as our "just-in-time" help solution for SharePoint are helping individuals and companies be more successful with SharePoint.


Recently VisualSP sat down with customer Robin Witcher from West Georgia Technical College to find out how the VisualSP Help System was working for their organization. Below is a summary of the interview.



Tell us about yourself and about your organization?

My role at West GA Tech is pretty all encompassing. Although my title is “content manager” the role I serve is really that of SharePoint "guru". Basically, I'm responsible for everything the organization does with SharePoint. This includes 7 site collections (one for each division) - all which operate on the same farm.

I have been in this role since 2008 and have been trying to maximize the potential of the SharePoint platform, ensuring all seven divisions are utilizing the capabilities, managing document retention, implementing automated business processes, and empowering more than 600 SharePoint end users to make use of the system.

What are your biggest challenges with SharePoint?

In short, I'm but ONE person, in charge of SharePoint for seven divisions and more than 600 users. This makes it virtually impossible for me to support each and every individual when and where they need it.


I attempted to disseminate knowledge by traveling to the different locations and hosting short training sessions 1-2 times per month at each campus. Not only was it a challenge to actually reach everyone in these trainings (as not every employee was able to attend) but also even for those who were able to attend, there are always follow-up questions. Of course it became a challenge for me to provide immediate assistance to every single inquiry. In short, I needed “something” that could help ME, help users in real-time…hence, VisualSP Help System.

How did you choose VisualSP?

I have actually been quite familiar with VisualSP as a company and have often used the helpful online training videos on the website. I have known VisualSP’s founder and CEO, Asif Rehmani (MVP, MCT, Author) from speaking at numerous conferences. Therefore, I felt pretty good about looking to VisualSP for some help. This is where I found the SharePoint Help System and decided to give it a try!

The VisualSP help system delivers just-in-time help to end users via a Help Tab in the SharePoint ribbon. This in-context, on-demand support was just what I was looking for to assist me in supporting my users.


Screenshot of the Help tab in the VisualSP Help System

How has the VisualSP help system helped you overcome these challenges?

The VisualSP help system has helped me implement training quicker and more efficiently. Not only is the information easy for employees to access (right from the ribbon in their SharePoint environment) but finally, I have a place to put all help documents in one place! Not only that, but I was able to add my own custom training content. For many years I have been creating my own training documents and now I finally have a place to serve this information to end users. Another great feature was being able to roll-out individualized training based on different departments or divisions. VisualSP help system gives the ability to restrict information for certain groups and make it accessible to others.

The Result?

I have received great feedback from upper management. Many of the VPs across the various divisions have expressed their appreciation for the help system and realize the value the help system delivers. And, I know it's being utilized as each department is coming to me with their goals, and asking me if I can put the information out there in the ribbon. For the first time, end users are beginning to see the things they can do in SharePoint that they didn’t realize they could do before. I have also seen a huge decline in support calls, giving me more time to focus on other important solutions I can create, rather than “just” supporting users.

The help system is now built into the orientation process, making sure employees know up-front that help is available at their fingertips!


We’d like to thank West Georgia Technical College for their continued support of the VisualSP Help System. We’d especially like to Thank Robin for taking the time to share her experience with us. If any of our other customers would like to share their experiences, we invite them to contact us at

If you are a “SharePoint guru” (like Robin) and think this system might help make your life a little easier, while helping empower end users, and make upper management happy, we invite you to try out the VisualSP Help System for 30-days at no-cost!


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