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Communication is more important when people work remotely

By Michael Blonder
Updated April 5, 2020

Working remotely requires an added layer to the usual way leaders communicate with their teams. With the physical office removed from work, it is no longer possible to just walk over to someone’s desk, or use the telephone to request a meeting in your office. You can still call the person you need to communicate with, but you can’t see them anymore. They are out of sight, but hopefully not out of reach. 

Digital communication becomes the norm when people work remotely. Learning to successfully communicate digitally can be a challenge. In April, 2020, with the coronavirus the global focus of attention, the urgency of overcoming the challenge presented by the need to communicate digitally is clear. 

Using a digital adoption tool like VisualSP makes this challenge easier to overcome, not to mention at a much faster pace than would be the case otherwise. Consider the following:

Your organization has a subscription to Microsoft Office 365. You have the digital platform you need to change work from in-office to remote. You also have someone on your team with experience using SharePoint Online. This person has put together a communication site. You have been using this site to publish alerts and reminders everyone needs to see. Your organization has been operating in this manner for a week. 

But someone just made a costly mistake. A One Drive account was shared incorrectly with someone outside your organization. The result? Important company-confidential information was released outside of your organization without proper approval. You published an alert on the communications site built in SharePoint Online, but the person who made the mistake made his/her incorrect decision directly in OneDrive. They forgot about the alert you published and didn’t have a reminder directly in OneDrive. 

VisualSP can be used to substantially reduce the likelihood of a mistake like the one mentioned above. When your alert is not only published on the SharePoint Online communication site, but is also presented directly to people using OneDrive, they will most likely get the right message. Please visit our use case example to learn more: Show Alerts and Announcements to Users


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