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Change Management using VisualSP

By Asif Rehmani
Updated February 5, 2020

Change Management is never easy. Everybody wants changes for the better, but they don't want to change themselves and their own behavior. That's just how we are all built as humans.

Organizational change management comes from behavior change of employees. Employees of your company need to understand what's in it for them? otherwise they will never change. Would you...?

Organizational transitions are messy and costly and fail 70% of the time unfortunately. Companies spend millions  of dollars without getting the desired Return On Investment (ROI) of their changes. Employees end up frustrated and overwhelmed. This has to change!

70% of change management programs fail

VisualSP is a new way to manage technological change with a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). Onboarding using on-screen contextual guidance provides live on-the-go training to ensure successful adoption and visibility into the user journey to ensure Digital Transformation.

Organizations around the world have been discovering that to realize their return on investment, they must take into account how they migrate their users along with their systems using DAPs - No end user left behind!

User adoption is not possible without clearly defining a clear path for your users so they want to use the structures you have created. Anything less would be a waste of time - yours as well as theirs. 

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