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Business Use Case: On Demand Training for Microsoft 365

By Michael Blonder
Updated June 29, 2020

Microsoft 365 is packed with applications. How do you train your organization to use them? Best answer? As Asif Rehmani notes in the video embedded in this blog post – “you don’t”. Instead, you can purchase an annual subscription to VisualSP. Once introduced to the VisualSP Help System for Microsoft 365 your employees will be able to get tech help, on demand, directly where they need it meaning directly in the Microsoft 365 application they are using.

VisualSP for Microsoft 365 adds a layer above Microsoft 365 and the complete Microsoft Learning Pathways (MLP) content set. The layer above Microsoft’s web platform is the highway we use to deliver MLP to your employees at the moment of their need.

Our flagship Enterprise edition also includes our VisualSP content set. When MLP and our content set are combined together a total of over 1.4K tech help content items are included. We sort these items into groups for each of the applications included in Microsoft 365. You get the benefit of a wide array of tech help items, from walkthroughs (on-screen user guides), to videos, to quick reference cards and more.

With a subscription to VisualSP Enterprise edition you can customize any of the help items, and/or add your own help items. But adding custom help is not required to get a substantial return not only from you investment in an annual subscription to VisualSP, but from your investment in your tenant on Microsoft 365. Once your employees understand how to successfully complete tasks with as many of the applications included in Microsoft 365 you choose to make available to them, productivity will go up.

If your Microsoft 365 tenant is an E1 plan you, or if you have deployed kiosks groups of employees use to access all of Microsoft 365 online, the VisualSP solution is particularly useful. Be sure to check out the examples of working with Excel and Microsoft Teams in the cloud to see how the power of VisualSP can supercharge the usefulness of Microsoft 365 for your organization.

We also offer an App for Microsoft Teams. Any custom help items you add to VisualSP for Microsoft 365 will also be available, automatically, in the VisualSP App for Microsoft teams. Our app for Teams is free, so no need to worry about additional charges. Just go ahead and bolt it on.

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