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Business Use Case: Analytics provides you with visibility into personnel engagement with VisualSP

By Michael Blonder
Updated June 29, 2020

VisualSP Premium includes analytics to provide you with visibility into personnel engagement with the help system. Once their engagement is visible to you and to your team you can make many decisions based on empirical data. This kind of decision making is not only more sensible (because it is based on actual data) but more powerful. Instead of hunting around in the dark you can take the action required based on the content in the VisualSP help system your employees are clicking on.

As Asif Rehmani mentions in the video embedded in this post, the team you designate to manage the VisualSP system can provide you with the analytics you need to gain visibility. Then can either present the dashboard of metrics to you, or you can direct them to export the data in a format you can pull into Microsoft Excel. Once you have the data in Excel, your reporting team can use PowerBI, PowerPivot, Tableau, or other tools to provide you with even more detailed reports.

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Suppose your objective is to reduce support cost by asking personnel to adopt more self-management activities when they are working with your web platform. A great way to reduce this cost is to take the burden of answering “how to” questions off of your IT support team and to shift them over to the VisualSP system. Look for lots of clicks on help items in VisualSP analytics as an indicator your efforts are working. Conversely, a lack of clicks points to a bump in the road you need employees to travel to get to successful management of their needs. If the lack of clicks is coupled with a lot of queries on the VisualSP search box you need to have your team provide answers to these queries in the form of new items (often custom for your organization) to the VisualSP system.

Or suppose your organization is heavily regulated. You need to make sure specific employees are aware of policies, alerts, warnings, and other controls your compliance team wants to use directly in your web platform to inform personnel and reduce compliance mistakes. When you review the dashboard included with the VisualSP system, you will want your team to provide you with visibility into the specific employees who have looked at the required content in VisualSP. If VisualSP analytics indicates specific people have not looked at required help items, you can have your team reach out to them to correct the issue.

VisualSP’s analytics are a feature you can use either to drive web platform adoption, or real-life compliance training. Learn more about how you can use VisualSP to drive adoption, or to provide a real-life compliance training opportunity for your employees by clicking on the links in this sentence.

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