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Build a performance support compliance training program with VisualSP Premium

By Michael Blonder
Updated May 27, 2020

Does your regulated business try to satisfy compliance training requirements with an annual sit-down class & lots of printed materials? How is it working out for you and your colleagues responsible for reporting to US Federal regulators? What do the regulators think of the effort? If your answer to the above questions is something like “Yes”, “OK”, and “OK” or, perhaps, “Yes”, “not so good”, and “really not good enough” think about adding to your annual “compliance training picnic” with a performance support tool like VisualSP Premium

Not familiar with the term “performance support”? Here is a definition from the elearning industry website:

Performance Support Tools or PSTs are learning aids meant to help employees with on-the-job support at the precise moment of their need. They are designed to support and guide employees when at work.”

Let us further define “the precise moment of their need”. This moment is when people are working directly within a web platform, real time, and cannot successfully complete tasks without tech help.

With this additional information it is hopefully clear the VisualSP Premium help system overlays your web platform. VisualSP is available to your employees to provide them with the help information they need to complete their tasks successfully within your web platform.

Fast forward to your business’ need for a better way to handle compliance training. When you use VisualSP Premium to support your annual compliance training, your employees can be reminded of the controls they need to exercise in their daily work to keep your company on the right side of US regulators. We hope you can see the substantial improvement in compliance in the offing.

Speaking of “seeing”, VisualSP Premium provides you with visibility into how your employees are engaging (or not engaging) with the compliance-centric information you have added to VisualSP Premium. Once your VisualSP Premium annual subscription is set up and running you have access to historical data you can use to monitor the extent of awareness, across your employees, of the controls they need to exercise; the specific people engaging with this information; where they are engaging within your web platform and more. Pretty slick, wouldn’t you say?

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