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A walkthrough helps keep personnel on track as they learn how to create Microsoft Retention Labels

By Michael Blonder
Updated June 1, 2020

If your organization has an E5 tenant on Microsoft 365 you can create retention labels & policies. Once you have taken these steps, the policies can be used to automate the process of tagging documents & other data stored in Microsoft 365 with retention labels. These labels will stop mistaken deletion of this important information. If the automation has been included in the process, then personnel will not be required to make sure procedures work as you intend. 

This is a big benefit. US based businesses and organizations have to file tax returns. Regulations require 7 years of tax returns (and any/all related documents, spreadsheets, etc) be available should the US Treasury Internal Revenue Service request a review or undertake an audit. If some of this material is missing the odds of successfully passing through one of these procedures diminishes. There are many other regulatory requirements like this tax example. It is to your benefit to make user of the retention labels capability of Microsoft 365. 

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But figuring out how to create the labels can be confusing as the video embedded in this blog post shows. In contrast, if a member of the team manages to figure out how to create the labels and then creates a walkthrough (custom walkthroughs can be created with the premium version of VisualSP) like the one presented in the embedded video, any other employee can use the walkthrough to learn only the steps required to create retention labels without spending a lot of time reviewing documentation not otherwise required to master the procedure. 

If your organization supports many global locations, each likely to benefit from the use of retention labels, the cost savings related to the use of a walkthrough to train personnel, versus resorting to documentation review will be meaningful. 

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